How to Watch Netflix on a PS3

Since the fall of 2009, Sony and Netflix have collaborated to allow PlayStation 3 owners to use Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service on their consoles. In 2009, Netflix scrapped the disc needed to enjoy this service and instead began offering a built-in Netflix app for the PS3. If you have a Netflix streaming account and the latest software for your PlayStation, you have full access to Netflix's library of shows and movies at the tip of your fingers.

Sign up for a streaming account on Netflix if you do not already have one.

Connect your PlayStation 3 to the Internet. Use either an Ethernet cable connected from your router to the PS3, or use the PS3's built-in Wi-Fi adapter to connect to your router.

Update to the latest PS3 firmware version if you haven't already. To check if you have the latest update, go to "System," then select "System Update."

Sign into your PlayStation Network account.

Go to the "TV/Video Services" tab on the PS3 Media Crossbar (XMB).

Select "Netflix" from the list to install the Netflix streaming software.

Enter your Netflix account information when prompted.


Any movies or show you add to your Watch Instantly queue on Netflix.com will be available on your PS3. Or you can browse for shows or movies on the PS3 Netflix app.

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