How to Vogue

Vogue is a fast-paced modern dance that embodies flair and dramatic movement. Commonly practiced in clubs, this dance is climbing in popularity. Vogue dancing combines flamboyancy with flair and bravado like that exuded by fashion models. With a few tips you can vogue like a pro.

Take a deep breath and perform some stretching exercises. Vogueing requires quick jerking movements and is best practiced with a limber body. Make sure you have a large open space to practice in.

Start with arm movements. Your arms are usually the most expressive part of your body in this type of dancing. Hold both your arms out to your sides and then quickly jerk one arm inward bending at the elbow. Point your arm toward your face and make a smiling or menacing face. This is a move that shows you are the center of attention. Moves like this are very popular in vogueing clubs and battles.

During your routine, stop in a "diva" pose. This means stopping and being completely still in a high fashion pose such as hands on the hips and one foot forward or hands on the lower buttocks while the head is turned to the side.

Spin in a circle and then sit on the ground with one leg bent at the knee toward your buttocks. This is a diva move and is used frequently in vogue dance. This move will take practice until your spin looks graceful and controlled.

The biggest part of vogue dancing is the strut. Walk as if you are mimicking a fashion model's walk. This walk shows you have the attitude to pull off vogue dance style. Most vogue dancers start off with a dramatic walk.