How to Use Wilton Cake Tips

cake image by blaine stiger from

Things You'll Need

  • Wilton decorating tips
  • Couplers
  • Frosting bag
  • Scissors

Dewey McKinley Wilton is the founder of Wilton Enterprises, known for its variety of cake decorating classes and equipment since 1929. Each Wilton decorating tip has a unique shape and size that applies its own special design to frosting.

Insert a coupler base into a cake decorating bag. Push the pointed end toward the pointed tip of the icing bag to lodge it firmly near the tip.

Trace around the tip of the icing bag at the first thread of the coupler base. Push the coupler base back out of the way and cut off the tip of the icing bag with a pair of scissors.

Choose a Wilton metal cake tip and place it on the end of the cake decorating bag, over the coupler base.

Secure the Wilton metal cake decorating tip in place by placing the coupler ring over the top and screwing it on to the coupler, with the bag between the ring and the coupler. If it is necessary to change the tip during your cake decorating, simply remove the coupler ring and tip, then place the new tip on and re-secure the coupler ring.

Fold the sides of the icing bag over and fill the bag about halfway with icing.

Twist the top of the icing bag to form a secure closure and prevent icing from seeping out of the end.

Squeeze, using a firm consistent pressure with your non-dominant hand on the end of the bag and your writing hand guiding the tip of the bag. Keep the cake tip close to the cake but not touching it.

Stop squeezing the icing bag to stop the flow of icing, then pull up.


  • To make designs using the cake tip, squeeze the icing and leave the tip at the same angle as you work your way around the cake.