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How to Make a Beer Pinata

A pinata is almost as enjoyable to make as it is to use for the center attraction of a party! This Mexican-inspired party game can be made in any shape and filled with all types of candy and prizes. Once it's ready to go, just hang it from a ceiling and let the festivities begin as you blindfold people and let them swing away to try to break the pinata.


Leave at least a few days to complete this project. Drying and painting time must both be accounted for.

Things You'll Need:

  • a stack of old newspaper
  • scissors
  • paints
  • paintbrushes
  • large can or bucket
  • craft glue
  • vegetable oil
  • craft needle
  • twine

Prepare the Newspaper and Papier Mache Solution

Tear the newspaper into wide strips, about 2 inches wide. Make a solution with a 3:1 cups glue to water ratio.

Prepare the Can or Bucket and Start First Layers

Cover the outside and bottom of the bucket in a layer of vegetable oil. This will be helpful in allowing you to release the newly made 'can' of beer from its mold. Dip strips of newspaper into the papier mache solution and cover the outside of the bucket with 3 or 4 layers of strips. Let dry overnight.

Apply Next Layers to Beer Can

When the 'beer can' is dry, begin the procedure again. Cover the can with another 3 to 4 layers of papier mache strips.

Prepare the Lid

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the top of the can. Use the same papier mache method and add 3 to 4 layers of strips to one side of the cardboard top. This will be attached later.

Release the Beer Can From Bucket Mold

Once the drying process is completed, the can will easily be separated from the bucket mold. Remove it and set it on the work space with the open side facing up. Fill with candy.

Affix the Lid

Use a craft needle or the sharp end of a pair of scissors to poke holes and thread twine through the middle of the lid for hanging. Set it on the top of the candy-filled pinata. Use more newspaper strips and the papier mache method to affix the lid to the rest of the beer can.

Paint the Beer Can

Choose a favorite brand of beer and copy its logo onto the pinata with paint and brushes. Broad strokes and a simple design work well; don't choose a brand with too much detail. Let dry and hang the pinata.

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