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How to Use the PS3 Eye

The PlayStation Eye for the PS3 is a camera and microphone system that allows you to take part in video chats with friends. You can also play motion control games such as “EyeCreate” and “Eye of Judgment” using the camera. The PlayStation Move motion controller also uses the Eye as part of its motion control system. The device is plug and play and fairly simple to use.

Power on your PS3 and plug in the PlayStation Eye’s USB cable into one of the PS3’s USB ports.

Download the Eye’s software from the PlayStation Store. If the site does not prompt you automatically about installing the software, you can find the software in the PlayStation Store. An Internet connection is required to access the PlayStation Store. The software will download and install on your PS3’s hard drive, and the Eye will be ready to use.

Navigate to the “Friends” tab in the Xross Media Bar and select “Start New Chat.”

Select “Voice/Video Chat” to start a video chat with a friend using the Eye. Select a friend and invite him to your video chat. If the person joins and has an Eye, you will see his video displayed and he will see a video of you. The Eye also has a microphone, so your friend will be able hear you as well.

Consult individual game manuals for instructions on how to use the PlayStation Eye for games. Generally, the camera captures your movements and uses that to manipulate objects onscreen.

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