How to Use Sizzix Embossing Folders in a Cuttlebug Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Cuttlebug
  • Cuttlebug A plate
  • Cuttlebug B plate
  • Sizzix embossing folder
  • Cardstock or pattern paper

Create embossed scrapbook and greeting card accents with ease by pairing embossing folders from Sizzix with the Provo Craft Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser. More than 150 different Sizzix embossing folders and texture plates are available to choose from in a variety of sizes and styles. The sandwich style system of the Cuttlebug provides professional-quality embossing texture and dimension. For added dimension, lightly brush the finished raised surface of the embossed details with ink or chalk.

Place a piece of cardstock or pattern paper between the folded flaps of the Sizzix embossing folder.

Create a sandwich by placing the Cuttlebug A plate down on your work surface first. Then place the Sizzix embossing folder with the cardstock or pattern paper inside on top of the A plate. Finish the Cuttlebug sandwich stack with the Cuttlebug B plate. Make sure that all plates are lined up straight.

Place the stacked Cuttlebug sandwich onto the Cuttlebug tray surface until the edge meets the roller system.

Use the crank located on the side of the Cuttlebug machine to roll the completed sandwich system through the machine. This will apply pressure to the sandwich so that the paper inside the embossing folder picks up the texture details inside.

Remove the sandwich from the Cuttlebug tray surface and disassemble the sandwich layers to reveal the newly embossed paper.


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