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How to Use King Pillows on a Queen Bed

Sometimes nothing can beat a nice large, comfy pillow when you rest your head to go to sleep. One of the largest pillows available is a king-sized pillow, and there is nothing that says you can't have a king-size pillow when you have a smaller bed, even if the bed size is a queen. Use the king-sized pillow the same as you would any other sized pillow.

Insert the king-sized pillows into king-sized pillow cases. Anything smaller is not going to properly hold the pillow and it will bunch up inside the case.

Remove all the pillows from the head of your bed. Even if you have other pillows, you want the largest pillows to be at the back of the bed.

Rest the king-sized pillows at the head of the queen-sized bed. If you have two pillows, they will slightly overhang on the sides of the bed.

Position any other pillows over the king-sized pillows, moving from largest to smallest. This allows you to easily adjust the pillows you want to sleep with when you go to bed.

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