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How to Use a PS2 Wireless Controller

PlayStation 2 gamers occasionally become frustrated with using controllers that become tangled up because of the wires. As a result, PS2 wireless controllers are a popular, though expensive alternative. Setting up these controllers and using them is simple. Unlike Xbox wireless controllers, PS2 wireless controllers do not need to be synched with different consoles. They automatically will pick up the signal from the PS2 they are being used with.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ps2
  • Aaa Batteries
  • Ps2 Controller
  • Receiver

Insert the receiver to the front portion of the PS2. The receiver will come with the wireless controller and will have a rectangular shape.

Plug in the PS2 and turn it on. Wait for the main screen to come up. This screen will ask you to connect a controller. Open up the back of the controller and put in the AAA batteries.

Turn on the controller by pressing the "Power" button in the center. The button will be located in the middle of the controller and will have a PlayStation logo on it. When a red light comes on, the wireless controller is set up and ready for use.

Play your video game using the buttons and analog sticks on the controller the same way you would with a nonwireless controller.


Turn your PS2 off when you are done using it so that it does not overheat.

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