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How to Use a Menthol Tear Stick

You don't have to be sad to cry.
crying girl face image by victor zastol'skiy from Fotolia.com

People occasionally need help crying, and the menthol tear stick was designed to make that process easy. Whether you're an actor trying to make your role seem more authentic or the host of a successful television show, the ability to cry on command can be a useful tool. Once you apply a small amount of this tear stick under your eyes, you'll be crying like a baby in no time.

Apply a small amount of the tear stick on the orbital bone below your eyes. Because the tear stick is shaped like a lipstick container, you only have to lightly run it over your orbital bone.

Wait a minute or two for the warmth of your skin to activate the menthol and camphor vapors, which will produce a few tears.

Remove the tear stick residue with a damp cotton ball or towel.


Start with only a tiny amount of tear stick under your eyes, and work your way up if the tears do not immediately start to flow. Applying a larger amount of the tear stick will cause more tears, and a smaller amount will cause fewer tears.


  • Do not put this directly in your eyes, as it can damage them.
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