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What Glue Is Used to Stick Latex to Skin

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When putting together a costume for a theater show or even simply for Halloween, you may need to attach latex props such as ear tips, fake noses or even full masks to your skin. The glue used to do this is called spirit gum.


Spirit gum should be applied to both the latex and the skin; it will stick better than if it were applied to just one surface. After applying the spirit gum, you should allow it to rest for a minute or two until it becomes tacky. Press the latex to the skin and hold firmly for a few minutes until the spirit gum has dried.


To remove spirit gum, you should always use spirit gum remover. After removing the latex, gently clean your skin of any remaining spirit gum using the spirit gum remover, rubbing alcohol or even baby oil. Once all the spirit gum has been removed, you should gently clean your skin with soap or a mild cleanser. Consider using a moisturizing lotion afterward if you have dry skin.


Never attempt to remove latex that has been attached to your skin with spirit gum by simply pulling on it. Spirit gum forms a strong bond, and pulling the latex off may damage your skin.

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