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How to Use a Latex-Based Adhesive

Things You'll Need:

  • Adhesive
  • Brush

How to Use a Latex-Based Adhesive. Latex-based adhesives are mostly used to glue carpets and other flexible objects. Thanks to its flexibility, the adhesive is particularly helpful for these uses, although the bond is not a particularly strong or durable one. Latex-based adhesives do not perform well in cold temperatures.

Pick which latex-based adhesive is best for your project. There are different varieties for the various different uses (for example, carpet adhesive could be different than paper adhesive). The products can come either in a tube or in a can, so consider what you are gluing and how much you will need.

Check to see that the two surfaces you are gluing together are clean and smooth.

Apply the glue to both surfaces you are gluing; if you are using a tube, the adhesive may be applied straight from the tube, but if you are using a can variety, the glue is best applied with a small paintbrush or other kind of soft-bristled brush.

Press the two surfaces together firmly for a minute (or until they are attached by the glue). Let the surfaces sit together for 20 minutes before using the glued object.

Apply lighter fluid to the glued joint if you wish to remove the glue.


Apply the adhesive in a warm room and keep the glued joint protected from severely cold temperatures, as the bond deteriorates in cold weather.


  • Latex-based adhesives are known to cause some slight discoloration of paper, so before using it for an important activity, do a test-bond with scraps of the materials you will be using. This ensures that your final project will turn out just how you'd like.
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