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How to Use a Latch Hook Tool

Use a Latch Hook Tool
S Faloon 2008

Rug hooking projects are ideal for novice and experienced crafters. There are two tools that can be used to attach yarn to the canvas for a hooked project. An experienced crafter can use a crochet hook. The best tool is the latch hook. It is designed to hold the yarn in place and firmly hook it into the canvas.

Use a Latch Hook Tool
S Faloon 2008

Things You'll Need:

  • Latch Hook Kit Or Project
  • Latch Hook Tool

Hold hook in your dominant hand. Notice that is has two specific features, the hook and a latch which is built into the tool.

Wrap a piece of yarn around the shaft of the latch hook tool.

Insert the end of the hook down into one hole in the rug hooking fabric and up through the hole in the next row up. There will be a line of the canvas thread or weave across the front of the hook.

Hold the two ends of the yarn piece between the thumb and index fingers of the opposite hand and pull the hook out and back towards yourself. The latch will slide over and hold the yarn in place.

Continue to pull yarn through the hole. Notice that the yarn center is forming a knot over the canvas thread. Pull hook away from the yarn.

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