How to Use a Bernina Automatic Needle Threader

Sewing machine image by Kumar RR from

Bernina sewing machines are known for being strong, elegant machines that don't skimp on added features to make your sewing easier. With that in mind, Bernina introduced many automated sewing machine features to the market, including their automatic needle threader. For many people, threading a sewing machine needle by hand can be frustrating or nearly impossible. The Bernina needle threader makes this chore a simple task that can be completed in seconds.

Raise the sewing machine needle as high as it will go by turning the flywheel, which is located on the upper right hand side of the machine, away from you. Thread your Bernina machine according to the directions in your manual. Feed the thread through the thread guide located above the sewing needle. Continue pulling the thread through the guide until you have a tail of at least 10 inches.

Locate the white needle threader, which is located slightly above and to the left of the needle. Pull down the needle threader knob as far as it will go.

With gentle force, push the knob away from you toward the right. As you push, the hook of the needle threader, which is located on the right hand side of the white mechanism, moves toward you. Push the knob until the needle hook is inserted fully into the eye of the needle. Keep the knob in this position with your left hand.

Pull your long tail thread underneath the needle threader with your right hand, from the left-hand side. Locate the thread guide in the middle of the needle threader and place the thread underneath it. Continue pulling your thread to the left and hook it underneath the needle hook, which should be inserted in your needle. Pull the thread until you have a 10-inch tail and hold it in your right hand.

Pull the needle threader knob toward you gently with your left hand. As you pull the needle threader, the needle hook will move away from you, automatically pulling the thread through it and threading the needle for you. When the needle is threaded, release the needle threader knob. Pull the remaining thread through the needle with your right hand.

Pull thread through the eye of the needle until you have at least an 8-inch tail. Push the needle threading mechanism back into place above the sewing needle.