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How to Upholster Wooden Boxes

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Upholstering wooden boxes can be an excellent way to create inexpensive decorative storage. Whether you use them to store materials or as furniture, such as an ottoman or coffee table, the key to appropriate design is to first select a good fabric and a sturdy box and then upholster the boxes carefully so they look stylish.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fabric
  • Wooden Boxes

Size your fabric. You will need a piece of fabric that covers all sides of your wooden box, so measure the length, width and height and then multiply to find the surface area of the box. Purchase fabric that is large enough to cover the entire box. If you cannot find a single piece of fabric, you will need to sew fabric together in the middle or consider using a bed sheet or other large piece of fabric.

Drape your fabric over the wooden box. If you intend to keep the box opening right side up, then you will want to put the box upside down with the opening facing down and drape the fabric over the box from the bottom up. If you want to use your wooden box as an ottoman, put the "wrong side" down or the side that you don't intend to be the top.

Pull the fabric taut so it covers the box completely and then tuck the fabric inside the box or under the box. If you are keeping the box with an opening on top, you will want to pull the fabric taut until it is on the inside of the box itself. If you will be using it as an ottoman or other type of furniture, pull it so there is at least a few inches of fabric on the bottom of the box itself.

Attach the fabric to the underside or the inside of the box. You can use a staple gun, nails or a glue gun. If you are going to be using the box as an ottoman and you won't see the bottom, a staple gun or nail gun are the best choice because they will ensure the fabric stays. If you will be using the box with an opening, then you'll want to fold the edges of the fabric in to create a nice seam and glue them along the inside of the box.

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