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How to Unwrap Grapevine Wreaths

A grapevine wreath is a craft item that can be easily recycled—over and over again. Even if the wreath looks as if it has seen better days, the decorative items that are covering it can be easily removed; exposing the bare grapevine. Once it is back in its raw state, it can be unwrapped and reshaped for decorating.

Things You'll Need:

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Thick Towel
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flat Surface
  • Tub Of Warm Water

Remove any wires that are securing the grapevine wreath with a pair of wire cutters. Also remove any flowers, greenery, leaves or embellishments that are attached to it. Removing all of these items will give you a clean slate to work with when you unwrap the grapevine wreath for reuse.

Allow the grapevine wreath to soften overnight in a tub of warm water, checking periodically for pliability. The grapevine wreath should be fully submerged, with no stems poking out above the water. If the grapevine wreath rises to the top of the water, you can weigh it down with a few stones.

Lay a thick towel on a flat work surface and remove the grapevine wreath from the water. Place the grapevine wreath on the towel so it can sop up the water that drips from the wreath.

Gently unwind the grapevine wreath starting at one end. As you stretch the grapevine wreath it should unravel in a snake-like fashion. Keep stretching until the wreath is completely unwrapped.

Stretch the grapevine out on a piece of fencing, banister or table so that it can re-dry in its new form. Once the grapevine is completely dry it will remain in the stretched out, garland-like fashion.


You can rewrap the grapevine at any time by simply soaking it again. After soaking it overnight, wrap it back into the wreath shape and secure it with florist’s wire.


  • Wear a pair of canvas work gloves as you work with the grapevine wreath to avoid being cut by the sharp stems of the grapevine wreath.
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