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How to Turn Off the Tap Tempo on Peavey Amps

Peavey's tap tempo technology works with the delay loop.
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Peavey modeling amps like the hybrid tube and digital Vypyr series have a tap tempo feature that controls the speed of the delay effects built into the digital effects stack. Because tap tempo is directly tied to the delay effect built into the amplifier, turning off the delay effectively turns off the tap tempo feature. You can do this by using the amplifier's edit mode.

Set the Power switch to the "On" position. If you have a tube amp, wait approximately three minutes for the tubes to warm up for the most pleasing sound.

Touch the "Edit" button.

Turn the High Encoder knob, also marked "Level," all the way to the left to turn off the delay.


Press the Edit button again to store your changes. The delay and with it, the Tap Tempo function, is now disabled.



The instructions in this article apply to the Vypyr series of digital modeling amps and may or may not apply to other Peavey amplifiers.

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