How to Troubleshoot Car Stereo Problems

Problems with your car sound system present all sorts of trouble. Without your favorite tunes to enhance whatever mood you're in, even the shortest drive can seem like a monotonous task. Before you return the stereo or have it sent to repair, look over these steps. It may be that a simple fix will save you time and money.

Solve radio reception problem by first checking the antenna. Examine the integrity of the wiring. Replace the wiring if it is questionable. If the problem persists after making sure that the wiring is intact , have the stereo serviced or replaced.

Remedy constantly blown fuses by checking that your speaker wiring isn't combined; one wire should run to the left and the other to the right.

Remove distortion and high volumes by installing an amplifier; it will boost the stereo's power. If the problem continues check power ratings on the speak to be sure that the speaker can handle the radio's output.

Remove distortion that only occurs while the car is running by installing a simple noise filter to clean the signal between the stereo jacks and th power source.

Retain the stereo's station memory by connecting the stereo via the yellow wire to a constant 12-volt power supply. It is the fluctuation in power that cause the memory dump.


  • Consult both your car and stereo's manuals and choose the appropriate tools to access the stereo.

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