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How to Remove the Circuit Breaker from a Harley-Davidson

Removing the main circuit breaker may be necessary for maintenance and restoration work.
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The circuit breaker of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle may need to be repaired or replaced after extended heavy use. Restoration projects and general maintenance may also require the circuit breaker to be removed from within the engine compartment. Thankfully, it is an easy process that requires few tools and can be completed at home. However, always be sure when removing the battery to remove the negative cable first to prevent a hazardous situation.


Remove the seat of your Harley-Davidson. Procedure will vary by model.

Unthread the bolts of the battery cables. Disconnect the negative battery cable, then the positive cable in that order to prevent battery explosion or other hazards.

Loosen the battery bolt to slide the clamp off the battery's edge. Then remove the battery entirely from the battery box within the motorcycle housing.

Locate the main circuit breaker, which is on the left side of the upper frame crossmember. The EFI power wire on 2001 models will be attached to the main circuit break, as will the voltage regulator output wire and the main power wire, which is the thickest wire in this assembly.

Remove the Keps nuts from the copper post, then remove the thick main power wire in its convoluted tubing from the circuit breaker.

Remove the Keps nuts from the silver post next, which will allow the removal of the EFI power wire, main harness power wire and voltage regulator output from their ring terminals.

Bend the mounting clip tab outward, then remove the main circuit breaker.

Things You'll Need:

  • Small wrench
  • Ratchet and socket set
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