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How to Change the Steering Cable in a 95 Seadoo GTX

Hooking up the steering includes hooking up the cable to the outboard.
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Your 1995 Seadoo GTX relies on the propulsion of the jet pump to steer the watercraft. Without the engine running and the application of some throttle, the boat has no controls. This can be counterintuitive in a emergency situation when you need to apply throttle to change the boat's direction. The steering cable will wear out from normal use or can be mechanically damaged during transportation. Changing the cable is a simple process once you know the right steps.

Follow the steering stem into the inside of the hull of the Seadoo. The steering stem is the metal tube that extends off the handlebars into the watercraft. On its end you will find a steering stem arm where the steering cable connects.

Remove the nut that secures the steering cable ball joint to the steering arm with a wrench.

Remove the steering cable connection at the jet pump by removing the nut that secures it to the ball joint.

Unscrew the nut that retains the steering cable where it passes through the hull at the rear of the Seadoo. Remove the half rings, rubber washer and retaining ring.

Remove the steering cable from the tie blocks and clips by pulling it out horizontally. This connection is just past the jet pump connection.

Install the new cable by reversing the above steps. Pay attention to the condition of the ball joints. If they are pitted or damaged in any way, replace with a new ball joint.

Things You'll Need:

  • Metric wrench set
  • Steering cable
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