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How to Thread a Kenmore Serger

Threading a serger can be compared to solving a puzzle. Kenmore sergers such as Model 385.1664190, also called over-lock sewing machines, are threaded when you get them new from the factory. However; if the machine is not threaded you can thread it yourself. Color-coded threading diagrams are printed on Kenmore sergers to show you where the thread belongs. Disconnect the power before you get started, so you don't have to worry about moving parts.

Things You'll Need:

  • Long, Pointed Tip Tweezers
  • 4 Thread Cones

Raise the telescoping thread guide bar, located just above the thread spools, by lifting up gently until it makes a small snapping noise.

Open the looper cover by pulling straight out and to the left. The color-coded threading chart is behind the looper cover.

Put the thread cones on the thread spool rods on the back side of the machine. Feed the loose ends through the guide holes located directly above each spool.

Prepare the front of the machine for threading by raising the presser foot, raising the needle to its highest position and setting the tension dials to zero.

Draw the threads down around the right side and under the tension dials one at a time, sliding the threads between the shiny tension disks. Lift each thread straight up until it catches in the little hook on the left side of the tension dial.

Guide the thread ends through the thread guides according to the locations shown on the color-coded chart. Do one thread at a time so the threads do not get crossed.

Thread the needles and loopers by pushing the thread end through the holes. Use long, pointed tip tweezers to hold the thread ends while threading the loopers, as it is difficult to get your fingers in the right position otherwise.

Place all four thread ends under the presser foot and pull them straight back. Lower the presser foot.

Turn the tension dials back to the 3 setting, then turn the hand crank toward your body until four stitches have been formed.

Reconnect the power.

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