How to Thread a Husqvarna Serger

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Things You'll Need

  • Husqvarna serger
  • Thread cones

The Husqvarna Huskylock overlock machines are heavy-duty sergers made for home use. They come in a variety of models, from an affordably priced basic model that holds four cones of thread to a higher-end version that holds five cones of thread. All models come with a variety of options and stitches. No matter which model you have, all the Husqvarna Husklock machines are simple to thread. Unlike other sergers, there are no hidden loops to thread and no need for tweezers. With its color-coded threading diagram right on the machine, threading is quick and easy.

Place thread cones on the thread spool holders on the back of the machine. Press them firmly in place without forcing so that they lock into position. Gently slide the thread spool holders into place over each spool. Unwind a 10-inch length of thread from each spool.

Pull the thread farthest to the right up over the wire hooks and over the top of the machine. You will see a color-coded thread guide on your serger; for a five-thread machine, it will be purple and for a four-thread machine, it will be blue. Set the tension farthest to the right to zero and pull the thread in between the tension disc slot, making sure it lays flat. Slide the looper door open by pulling it toward you and to the right. Continue pulling the thread down to the lower loopers. Pull your thread through the purple or blue (depending on your machine model) thread areas from right to left, pulling the thread through the eye of the lower looper and toward the serger throat plate, located directly beneath the needles.

Thread the next looper, which is second to the right. For a five-thread machine, the threading guide is blue and for a four-thread machine, it is green. Pull your thread through the wire hooks and over the machine. Set your tension to zero and pull the thread through the tension disc, making sure it lays flat. Pull the thread down toward the upper looper, following the corresponding thread guide color from right to left and through the eye of the upper looper, and then up to the throat plate.

Thread the next looper if you have a five-thread machine. The thread guide for this looper is green. As you did in previous steps, pull your thread up through the wire hooks and over the machine and pull it through the tension disc slot. Continue gently pulling down to the green looper and thread it from right to left, and up through the eye of the looper.

Pull the thread for the right needle. Follow the red threading guide and pull the thread through the wire hooks and over the machine, laying it carefully in the tension disc slot. Pull the thread straight down to the bottom of the tension disc slot and to a 90 degree angle to the left, underneath the metal thread casing. Pull it through the thread feeder to the left of the metal thread casing, and up and through the thread feeder slot on top of the metal thread casing. Pull your thread straight down to the thread feeder directly above the right needle, and thread the eye of the needle. Repeat these steps for the left needle by following the yellow threading guide.

Pull all the threads out to the back of the machine, leaving at least a 10-inch tail in each. Set your tension settings to your desired serger stitch and practice on a piece of scrap fabric before you serge your project to make sure all the threads are properly placed.


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