How to Tape Drumsticks

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Things You'll Need

  • Drumstick
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors

Taping drum sticks is a popular technique in marching-band circles and for drummers who hit their instruments particularly hard. Taping the sticks allows the drummer to keep a better grip on the stick, and it also provides a cushion so the stick won't break during the performance. Taped sticks are useful for drummers who perform frequently, or who use a lot of rim shots.

Hold the drumstick by the tip end, so the butt of the stick faces away from you.

Apply the end of the electrical tape to the end of the stick that faces away from you. Turn the stick once to wrap the tape around the stick completely. You can use any color of electrical tape.

Hold the stick in one hand and the tape in the other hand. Turn the drumstick slowly away from the tape, so the tape winds onto the drumstick. If you want a thicker layer of tape, overlap the tap closely. For a thinner layer, space out the overlap more.

Continue turning the drumstick to wrap it in the tape, until you reach the tip of the drumstick. Use the scissors to cut off the end of the tape. Secure it to the top of the drumstick. Repeat with your other stick, if you're using two.


  • Practice with wrapped drumsticks if you plan to perform with them. They are heavier than regular sticks, and you will need to get used to the weight.