How to Start My Own Reality TV Show

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Reality shows are the current staple of television. What was once thought to be a trend is now the standard and everyone is jumping on board trying to get their concept on the air. Making your own reality show is one way of promoting yourself, your brand, product or cause. Creating the reality show is a matter of developing your concept, going through the production and then promoting and selling the show pilot.

Brainstorm your idea and if the series is about you or someone you know, think about what makes you or them unique. What is it that your show will actually be about? What will excite an audience enough to tune in each week? Develop your concept so you have a clear idea about what you want the show to achieve and how you will go about doing this.

Write a full synopsis, future episode guide and pilot episode script for the host or voice-overs. Breakdown the script and decide how to go about filming. Register your idea with the Writer's Guild or copyright it.

Acquire funding through your own funds or investors. Begin pre-production in hiring all the crew, obtaining shooting permits and scheduling the actual shoot dates. Although it's a "reality" show there is a lot of planning and preparation to create a camera-ready moment that shows off everyday life.

Shoot the reality show as planned according to the schedule. Have a professional editor go through the footage and edit it together into a compelling and exciting piece of entertainment. If you want control of the show layout then sit with the editor as he goes through the footage.

Shop the reality show around to networks. Send query letters and tapes when requested. Pitch it to everyone you meet. Most networks, directors or producers will not accept a project if it doesn't come through an agent. If you're going the traditional route, you should consider pitching an agent, especially one with connections to TV.

If you want to forget the traditional way of getting your show on air then post it online. You can post it to a site such as YouTube or create a website and post the videos there. Promote your show and collect a following of loyal fans.

Continue to shoot additional episodes and promote your show until it garners a large enough audience to be noticed by the larger networks and studios who may want to pick it up.