How to Start a Dance Team

If you're a person who loves just the idea of dancing the night away and would really love to start a dance team, getting started may seem a little tedious, but can be a relatively easy process. Basically, you just need to locate people who have the same heart and commitment for dancing as you do and would love to help you with the start of your new dance company.

Recruit people who are willing to be a part of your new dance team who can help you to brainstorm in the development of your new dance team.

Decide on a name for your team. This can be done with the help of your team members and other leaders whom you will have recruited to help you develop your dance group.

Set your dance team up as a business to protect your new name. Depending on the state where you reside, you may simply need to go to your local city governmental office and apply for a business name for your dance group. A fee may also apply.

Ask everyone you know that can dance if they are interested in being a part of your dance group. Word of mouth can be an effective advertising source to acquire the business you're looking for. It is also important to ask people, who may not know how to dance, if they can recommend a really good dancer who might be interested.

Advertise your need for good dancers. If you plan to have a more professional type dance team, advertising your need for good quality, committed dancers in the classifieds is a good idea. Include the type of group you are forming as well as the kind of dancers you are looking for. Include this information on everything you advertise.

Put up flyers in various locations. In the flyer, speak about your new and upcoming dance company and your need for good, graceful dancers. Include your contact information to discuss future plans for screening dancers.

Schedule a location to screen new dancers. Inform everyone about the date, the time and location for the dance tryouts. Those whom you have recruited to help you develop your new dance team should also be a part of helping you to screen for the best dancers to be on your dance team.

Start practice sessions. Once you've picked all the right dancers to be on your dance team, you can set the rules for the team and begin practice sessions and go from there. Your team may become so good that you'll begin to receive invitations from all kinds of places, to come and dance for various groups and get paid well for your talent and entertainment.