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How to Start a Carved Candle Business

A carved candle business is a great way to turn an artistic hobby into a business you enjoy. According to the National Candle Association, in 2010 the annual sale of candles in the United States amounted to $2 billion, 70 percent of homes use candles and most candle buyers are women. A carved candle business is one you can do from home, has lower start-up costs than most small businesses, and targets consumers looking for personalized items, home decor or gifts.

Learn more about carved candles, their history and candle making. There are several different types of carved candles. The kind you make can have a history rich in culture that could appeal to customers. Learning more about candle and candle making can help you hone your professional skills and widen your knowledge, which can help you build trust as a business owner. While you may be greatly talented at carving candles, extra knowledge of the industry will help you learn new techniques and make you an expert, which many customers seek in artisan crafters.

Designate an official work location. Making carved candles can be messy. The website Home Based Business Opportunities recommends not running the business out of your kitchen. Instead, designate a space in your home or rent a studio to make and carve candles. Your workspace should be large enough to fit counters, stove-top burners, storage and other candle-making materials, as well as be cool enough to allow candles to set. You will also need a space to conduct office work.

Get a business license and register your business name with your secretary of state.

Buy candle-making and carving materials. Because you plan to sell your artwork, you need to purchase larger quantities of supplies than you may be used to, such as paraffin or beeswax, dyes, pans for wax melting, molds, burners, wicks, carving tools and candle scents. According to Home Business Center, as 2011, it cost approximately $200 for the new materials if you do not own the items. This price does not include office supplies, such as a computer, printer, paper, shipping materials and stationery.

Market your craft. Word-of-mouth is a great form of advertising, according to Home Business Center. You can start building your client base by selling candles at craft fairs, farmers markets, holiday bazaars and selling candles to gift shop owners. According to the National Candle Association, consumers purchase the most candles for the winter holidays. Another good way to sell your candles is online by creating website for your business.

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