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How to Speak With a Polish Accent

Speak With a Polish Accent

How to Speak With a Polish Accent. If you just want a part in the play as the lead character, but find that you must be able to communicate a Polish accent, then you may have a small problem. There are many neighborhoods in America where you can learn to speak with a Polish accent. If you don't live near one, learning may be difficult but nothing that you can't overcome.

Pronounce your "th" like a "d" if it falls at the beginning of a word. Instead of saying "these" and "those" say "dees" and "does."

Say "bat" instead of "bath." If a "th" is at the end of a word, say it like a "t." If you say the word "beneath" with a Polish accent, you would pronounce it "bahneet."

Accent the wrong syllable. When adding an "ing" to the end of a word like "going," instead of putting the verbal accent on "go" put it on the "ing."

Omit an article before a noun if you're portraying a character that doesn't speak fluent English. Instead of saying, "That is a cake." Say, "Dat is cake."

Refer to people as a "that" and misuse the language in minor ways, if your character doesn't fully know English. "Dat is big girl" is an appropriate misuse of the language, when attempting to convey a Polish character new to the language.

Raise your voice, as if in question, at the end of a declarative sentence.

Accent the middle of the sentence when asking a question. "You go to da store?" You would have the accent on the "da" and the voice would drop at the end, instead of raise, as a question normally would.

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