How to Size Fonts on deviantART

By Rochelle Leggett ; Updated September 15, 2017
DeviantART supports some HTML coding.

DeviantART is a website that allows members to display their artwork online for free. This site gives you some options for customizing your pages and how your artwork is displayed. In addition, members are allowed to write comments about their own or other members' artwork and to create journal entries. DeviantART supports some HTML code that allows members to change the font. This includes the use of subscript and superscript, which make font smaller relative to the rest of the text. Other methods of changing the font size are not supported for HTML.

Type "" -- minus the quotes -- if you want the text to appear slightly below the rest of the text and "" if you want it to appear slightly above. This tag indicates to the browser that the following text is smaller and placed differently than the rest of the text.

Type the text that you would like to be small.

Type "" if you used the tag, and "" if you used the tag. This indicates that the text following the end tag is no longer modified and appears normally.


Some members, notably those who have paid for a subscription, have access to other features. This includes the use of CSS code in journals and gallery folders. This allows members to change font size and style more precisely, but requires more in-depth knowledge of coding.