How to Sign Up for Upcoming Auditions for The Disney Channel

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While many of the young people featured on The Disney Channel are established actors and actresses, Disney holds open auditions that anyone is welcome to attend. When these opportunities arise, Disney provides the venue for auditioning ready-made monologues for young people to perform in front of Disney producers.

Find out when the next Disney Channel open casting call is scheduled at the Disney website,

Check to see if a casting call is currently offered in your area and what ages are being recruited. Mark down the date, time and location.


Print out the official Disney audition form, labeled Audition Application PDF File, from the Disney website.


Fill out the application as completely as possible and take it with you to the casting call. Take a photo ID and, if you are under 18, go with a parent or guardian.



  • Arrive early to ensure you get a good spot in line as open casting calls may have hundreds of applicants. Disney updates the website as demand for new talent is needed.


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