How to Shuffle Dance

dance steps image by Vladislav Gajic from

We’ve all been to parties when everyone will line up and start to shuffle dance. Watching the dance masters glide from one side of the dance floor to the other side -- then turn around and repeat the same fancy foot work can appear to be difficult at first. Learning the basic steps of the shuffle dance is simple and with some practice you can become a dance master.

Point one foot inward and the other foot forward. Your feet should make a “T” shape. Twist the inward food and point outside and then twist it back again. Make sure your shuffle foot stays on the ground to create the sliding effect.

Slightly lift your other leg up when your first foot twists inward and put your leg down when the foot twists outward. Move slowly until you get the coordination of this part down. There are instructional videos below to give you a visual of the dance.

Listen to the rhythm of the music to help your body flow with the music. Also, pay attention from other shufflers and don’t be afraid to experiment and borrow some of their moves. Then add some flair to your shuffle by adding kicks and turns. Learn the timing and placement of your special moves can add flair to your shuffle.