How to Sew a Shawl Wrap

leopard pattern fabric texture image by Paul Hill from

Things You'll Need

  • 2 yards of 56-inch wide fleece
  • Skein of yarn or 12 yards of 1/2-inch wide satin ribbon
  • Embroidery or ribbon needle with large eye
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

Sewing a shawl wrap doesn’t have to be a complicated, week long adventure. With minimal hand sewing skills you can sew a shawl wrap from versatile fleece fabric trimmed with hand stitched yarn or satin ribbon. Crafters may be relieved to discover that no sewing machine is required to create a lovely shawl wrap.

Trim all selvage edges from the fabric square with your scissors.

Place the square on a flat surface. Thread the large-eyed needle with 24 inches of yarn or satin ribbon. Pull four inches of ribbon or yarn through the eye. Do not knot the ends. You can use a large-eyed plastic needle, as used in crochet projects, but you’ll need to push harder to insert it through the fleece. For best results, use a heavier steel needle.

Choose a corner to begin your decorative stitching. Whip or overcast stitch along the edge of all four sides of the fleece. Insert the needle 1/2 inch from the edge, bringing the thread through the fabric until only 1 inch of yarn or ribbon is on the underside. Fleece is the same on both sides, so you’ll choose which is the “front” and “back” of your shawl wrap.

Thread the sewing needle with thread. Knot the end. Make a stitch through the ribbon or around and through the yarn to lock the ribbon or yarn into place. If you knot the yarn or ribbon, the larger knots will be visible; by sewing the ribbon or yarn with ordinary thread, those knots will be less obvious. Cut the thread with scissors. Set your needle and thread aside.

Whip or overcast stitch the fleece edge 1/8 to 1/2 inch apart according to your preference. If using yarn, make your stitches closer together. Wrap the ribbon or yarn around the fabric edge, bringing the large-eyed needle up through the fleece approximately 1/8 to 1/2 inch to the right of the last needle insertion, and 1/2 inch up from the fabric edge.

Continue whip or overcast stitching along all four sides of the fleece shawl wrap in the same way. When you come to the last 2 inches of your ribbon or yarn, repeat Step 4, and then repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you reach your starting point.

Fold your shawl wrap in half, diagonally, and align the folded edge horizontally with your shoulders. Fold the triangular ends toward the center of your body, wrapping around your arms and shoulders.