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How to Make a V-Shaped Tie Dye

The v-shaped tie dye pattern is easy to do.
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Whether you're a hippie or not, tie-dye has become a ubiquitous fashion statement. Making your own at home is easy and allows you to add your own personal touch. Many might stick with the traditional lines or spiral designs because they're the easiest, but if you want a v-shaped tie-dye, you won't have to work much harder. In just an afternoon, you can have a beautiful new item with a v-shaped tie-dye pattern.

Things You'll Need:

  • Squirt Bottles
  • Rubber Bands
  • Pencil
  • Dye
  • Fabric For Tie-Dying

Fold the item in half. The fold will mark the point of the v-shape.

Draw a diagonal line from the fold. If you're doing a t-shirt or other item that has a definite up- and down-side, draw the line in the direction that you want your "v" to be -- angled up of you want a traditional "v" and down if you want an upside-down v.

Draw further lines parallel to the first line. The lines should be close together if you want thin stripes and far apart if you want thick stripes.

Gather the fabric along the lines that you've drawn and secure with a rubber band. Repeat for all lines.

Mix the dye in the squirt bottles. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the dye and water ratio.

Saturate each marked-off section with dye from the squirt bottle. Pay special attention to the inside folds, which are easy to miss.

Allow the dye to set for several hours, according to manufacturer's directions.

Rinse the excess dye from the shirt until the water runs clear.

Remove the rubber bands.

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