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How to Set a Canon iR5000-6000 PCL5e Copier to Scan to a Folder

The Canon iR5000 can help remove paper files by scanning them to a networked folder.
Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

The Canon iR 5000 is a 50-page-per-minute, digital, multi-functional device. When properly configured, the 5000 can be a copier, printer and a network scanner. Canon designed its own proprietary scanning system that allows the 5000 to direct scans to a user's email inbox, to an outside email address or to a specified folder.

Load scanning drivers. The drivers are included when you purchase the Canon scan board and are stored on the installation CD. If you do not have access to the installation CD, you can download the file from the Canon USA Support website. Once the drivers are loaded, the Canon scanning software program will automatically be loaded.

Enable scanning on imageRunner. Press the "Scan" button on the front panel of the 5000. This will bring the device into the scanning mode and make it discoverable by the software loaded in Step 1.

Launch scanning software. Double-click the Canon scanning software program installed in Step 1. Once opened, the software will automatically poll your network and will find the scan-enabled Canon 5000. Once the scanning software connects to the 5000, you will have the option to create folders into which you can send scanned images from the 5000.

Run test scans. Place documents face up in the document feeder of the 5000. On the touch screen display, select "Scan to Folder." The folder that was created in Step 3 will be the default folder that all scans will be sent to. Press the "Start" button to begin the scanning process. Once the 5000 completes the scanning process, check the default folder to make sure all the scanned images have been stored.

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