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How to Set a Baby-G Alarm

Baby-G watches are a series of Casio watches that emphasize personal timekeeping through style. Each Baby-G model has its own style, marked by vibrant colors and patterns. Casio also makes a few models that are less flashy but still emphasize style. As much as the watches emphasize style, Baby-Gs also have all the performance features you'd expect in a high-end wristwatch, including an alarm setting. By enabling the alarm mode on the watch, you can set multiple alarms.

Press the "C" button, which is the lower button of the left side of the face of the watch, to enter alarm mode.

Press the "A" button, which is the upper button on the left side of the face of the watch. Press the "C" button to cycle through the hours, minutes, month and day screens. Set each screen to desired valuing using the "B" button, which is the lower button on the right side of the watch face.

Press the "A" button to set the alarm. Press any key to stop the alarm sound when it goes off.


The Baby-G watch has alarms features for specific days or specific dates. However, if you don't want to set the alarm for a specific day or month, continue to press the "B" button on those screens until a horizontal line displays. Press the "C" button to move off that screen.


  • Casio makes several models of the Baby-G watch, and there may be slight differences between each model. Consult the user manual that came with your specific watch.
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