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How to Scare Someone in a Fight

Sometimes when a fight is apparent, the best you can hope to do is to scare your opponent into retreat before physical or deeper confrontation is engaged. Knowing some good scare tactics will have any bully crying for their mommy in no time.

Bark louder. Everyone has heard the phrase that refers to a dog’s bark being louder than their bite, many times it is the dog’s bark that is enough to avoid confrontation. This same concept can be applied to an altercation, simply being louder than your opposition will make them think twice about what they are getting themselves into. In situations where physical altercation can not be avoided, this hesitation by your opponent may be the perfect window in which to attack.

Study your opponent. The more you know about your opponent in a fight, the easier it will be to scare them. If you have time, find out their weaknesses and use it against them, and if you are presently in the situation, then take a second to look for weaknesses and let them see you doing so. Making this action obvious will signal to the person that you are fighting, that you will not be easily taken in most instances.

Shake their confidence. Scaring someone effectively in a fight means shaking the very foundation of which their confidence stands upon. This is achieved easier if you know your opposition in a fight, but if you don’t have that time, use whatever you can to make them rethink fighting you. For example, most human beings who are not trained fighters, have a natural flinching reaction to sudden movements. If you are in a situation when you are about to square off with someone, making a sudden and intentional movement (this movement will not actually hit them) will most likely trigger this reaction. After you have done so, if your opponent has flinched or tightened up to brace themselves in anyway, verbally (or in some fashion) point this out to them (while laughing as if they are unimportant and no threat to you for effect if you are feeling bold) as this will stand as physical proof of their fear.

Show you are unshakeable. Even if deep down inside you are shaking in your boots, outwardly try your best to be unshaken by anything they try whether physical or mental attacks. This will take a lot of self control and a little practice as you will not want to be the one that falls for the flinching trick mentioned before. After your opponent sees that they are having little effect on you, they will be more likely to scare off and back down. This will bother them more than anything and works very well if done correctly.

Bomb first. This does not necessarily mean to hit them first, but you should try to remain in control of the situation by staying on the offensive. If they approach you in a crazy manner, out-crazy them by any means necessary. For instance, there are many bar fight scenes in movies where you see a guy break a beer bottle on the side of a table before the fight even starts. Actions such as these will signal to your opponent that you are ready for a fight at anytime and are unafraid of anything they can bring. Although the key is to be the first one to go crazy to show that you are truly crazy all the time and ready to fight.

Dominate the situation. The best way to scare someone you are fighting is to outfight them. You can better your chances of outfighting someone by working out regularly and learning some time of martial art. Most gyms, and community centers offer some type of organized fighting class. Although, some fights are not physical, preparing yourself before the fight as much as possible will give you best opportunity in scaring your opponent hence winning the fight.


Try to tailor your approach to your personality to make it more believable. The more confident you are with your tactic to scare your opponent in a fight, the more believable it will be.


  • Do not fight or incite a fight if you are obviously outgunned and outmanned. Use common sense and intuition to know when it is time to run away to live to fight another day.
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