How to Replace Comcast TV Service

Comcast provides television, high-speed Internet, and digital phone service to households located in the southern region as well as other parts of the country. Based on the cable providers available in your area you may choose to replace Comcast TV service with another provider. Before disconnecting service you need to make sure you have properly checked your service arrangement as well as other factors before switching to another provider replacing Comcast service.

Verify that you are not under any contractual obligations with Comcast. Comcast may offer a price lock guarantee so your cable bill remains the same for a certain amount of time. Contact a representative to verify if you are under any obligations or termination fees. When you cancel, knowing this information may allow you to better prepare for replacing service.

Use sites like to find out the available cable TV providers in your area. Even though you may see advertisements for competitors in your area it does not necessarily mean that the particular cable provider can install service at your specific location. Contact the cable company you are interested in directly to verify if they can install service at your home based on your address or your phone number.

Schedule an installation date with your new cable or satellite provider before disconnecting service with Comcast. Your new provider may have delays in installation or the representative may arrive to your property only to tell you that he is unable to install service. If you disconnect service with Comcast before this happens you will be without cable.

Contact a Comcast representative at 1-800-Comcast with your account number and inform them that you would like to disconnect service by a specific date. People who have canceled service with Comcast may have experienced being billed after disconnection. Send a letter via certified mail to your nearest Comcast payment center informing them you would like to or have canceled your account. Make arrangements with the Comcast representative as to return the receivers or any other equipment that belongs to Comcast to avoid any additional fees.


  • Expect a final bill from Comcast within 30 days of disconnecting.