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How to Repair PS3 Power Supply Fuses

The fuse of the PlayStation 3 video game console is weak and prone to tripping at the slightest electrical provocation. When the fuse has blown, the PS3 no longer functions and the fuse must be replaced. Taking the PS3 into a repair facility will cost money and time, so it is better to replace the fuse yourself. This can be done with a minimal amount of effort and will let you get back to playing games quickly.

Things You'll Need:

  • Torx Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Camel'S Hair Brush
  • Ps3 Replacement Fuse
  • Flat Edged Screwdriver

Unplug the PS3 power cord and put the PS3 down on a clean work space. Remove the screws under the two rubber feet on the left side of the PS3 using the screwdriver. Slide off the case and put it aside.

Remove the seven screws from the case that is now exposed. Release the two clips at the back of the case. Pick up a corner of the case and remove it. Put the case aside.

Remove the screws from the top of the power supply. Put the screws aside. Remove the plug going into the power supply from the circuit board by pulling it straight out. Gently lift and remove the power supply from the PS3. Remove the mains plug in the back of the power supply by pulling it straight out. Put the power supply aside.

Pick up the power supply and remove the fuse by pulling it out. Clean the space where the fuse was by blowing it with the camel's hair brush. Take the replacement fuse and put it into the space and see that it is seated into position. Attach the mains plug to the power supply. Put the power supply back into position on the PS3. Attach the plug from the circuit board back into the power supply's socket. Screw the power supply back down onto the PS3.

Put the case back onto the PS3 so it covers the power supply and circuit boards. Engage the two clips in the back and put back in the seven screws. Slide the outermost case back onto the PS3 and insert the screws back into the left side under the two rubber feet. Plug in the AC power cord and turn on the PS3.


Work on the PS3 in a clean and well lit space. Avoid carpeted areas as this can cause static electricity that can damage the electronics of the PS3.


  • Opening the PS3 will void the warranty. This could cause an authorized dealer or Sony to reject it if brought in for another kind of repair.
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