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How to Remove Liquid Latex

Liquid latex can be compared to body paint. It is used as special effects makeup to simulate skin. It can be used to paint an individual's face and body. The removal process is fairly easy because perspiration and natural oils from your skin can automatically lift a liquid latex coating from the skin's surface. There a few tricks for those areas that are a little hard to remove.

Things You'll Need:

  • Comb
  • Baby Oil
  • Body Wash

Peel off the liquid latex starting from any corner or edge and pull up lifting the latex off the body. If there are fine hairs on the area that was covered in latex it may tug a little.

Apply a generous amount of baby oil to the hairy areas, as this will help loosen up the latex so it will slide off your strands easily. Comb through the hairy areas using a comb to remove the remaining liquid latex completely.

Step into the shower and saturate your skin with a body wash and warm water. This method will not dissolve the liquid latex but the moisture will make it easier to rub it off in pieces.


  • Liquid latex cannot be removed from fabrics, clothing or carpeting so be careful when you're using it.
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