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How Long Do You Let Your House Siding Dry After Powerwashing Before You Paint?

Paint will not adhere dirty exterior surfaces. That is why power washing is such a critical part of the painting process. Unfortunately, if you paint too soon after power washing, you could end up with serious problems. You must wait for the exterior of the house to dry before you even think about beginning application process.

Arid Climates

Exterior surfaces dry much quicker in warm, dry climates. If you live in an arid environment, you only need to wait tourwo to f hours for your home to dry after pressure washing.

Humid Climates

Exterior surfaces can take many hours to dry in humid conditions. If you live in a humid environment, you should wait a full day before painting a pressure washed surface.


Painting too soon after pressure washing can cause problems with paint adhesion. You can also trap moisture underneath the paint, leading to premature rot and mold infestation. If you are unsure if your siding is ready to paint, your best bet is to demonstrate patience and wait a full 24 hours for the surface to dry.

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