How to Put Music on Your YouTube Page

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • YouTube account
  • Video-editing software
  • Original music
  • Original image or video

While YouTube is popular for its video content, it can also be a powerful tool for hosting and sharing music. You can have music on your YouTube page just as easily as you can create and upload a simple video. Your YouTube page can host one song or be a musical epicenter provided you know how to create a simple video file whose audio soundtrack is nothing more than the song or musical composition of your choosing.

Create a simple video with your desired music file as its only score. Start by inserting the music file into the audio track on your video editor. Use a simple image as a short video clip and stretch it in time to make it as long as your music file.

Export the new video file featuring your desired music file into a YouTube-ready format such as MPEG-4, AVI or MOV.

Log in to YouTube and click the “Upload” button visible in the top right corner of any page.

Click the “Browse” button to find and select the video file containing your music. Click the “Upload Video” button or push enter to begin the video upload.

Edit the video title and all other important information while your video is uploading. Your music will be playable on your YouTube page shortly after it has completed uploading.


  • Only upload simple videos with music and video content you own or have permission to share. Unauthorized content can result in the removal of your video and even the cancellation of your YouTube account.

    Feel free to use a video instead of an image for your musical YouTube offering provided you do not find the visual too distracting. Remember to disable, mute or delete any previously existing audio when you add your music file.