How to Purchase Backstage Passes

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Credit or debit card

The thrill of seeing your favorite band or singer on stage is nothing compared to getting backstage and meeting them in person. You may think you have to win a radio contest or have a good contact to get a backstage pass, but that's not true. For most concerts, you can purchase backstage passes.

Plan ahead. Backstage passes and VIP packages go fast, so think about the artists you would love to meet backstage before they even announce their tour. If you hear that your favorite band is working on a new album, start your research right away, because chances are they'll be going on tour soon after the album is released.

Sign up for fan clubs and VIP offers.Go to the official websites of the artists you chose in Step 1. Sign up for any fan clubs, VIP information, newsletters or other offers they have that will alert you to ticket sales. Usually these programs also let you purchase tickets earlier than the general public. Then, spend some time poking around the site. See if you can find out if the artist works with a program to sell VIP packages that include backstage passes. One popular program is, and you can purchase all sorts of packages there that include backstage access. If you can't find any information on VIP packages or backstage passes on the site, search for the artist's promoter and contact them to find out where you can buy backstage passes.

Sign up for ticket services.Sometimes you can purchase similar VIP packages on regular concert ticket sites, either through a special offering or through their ticket exchange program. Sign up for their newsletters and information, and you'll often get a heads up on ticket sales before they hit the website.

Ask.If all else fails, and you simply can't find backstage passes for sale, or you've waited too long and they've already been snapped up, try calling every business associated with the concert in your city to see if you can get backstage passes.Be polite and offer to pay or work. You may be able to work as a stagehand at the venue, or if there is a service you can offer a sponsor, they may be willing to barter for the backstage passes they were given.


  • Starting early can't be stressed enough. Once the concert and ticket sale dates are announced it might already be too late.


  • Be wary of backstage pass or ticket offers that aren't through established businesses or official channels. With thousands of fans desperate to get backstage, thieves are eager to take advantage.