How to Print on Transfer Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Digital image
  • Ink jet or laser printer
  • Transfer paper

Transfer paper is used to create personalized and custom items by transferring a digital image onto an object. It is commonly used to place designs on clothing and other cloth accessories. Transfer paper acts as a holding place for the ink that makes up the design to be transferred. When heat is applied to side of the paper opposite the ink, the ink will fasten to the fibers of the object it is being applied to.

Select or create a digital image to print. A wide variety of images can be found online or you can create your own if you have image creation software. Take into account the size of the object that the image will be placed on and adjust the digital image size accordingly.

Connect a printer to your computer. Both ink jet and laser printers work well with transfer paper.

Insert one sheet of transfer paper to your printer. Go to your computer and select the "print" option attached to your image and your printer will do the rest. When your image is done printing onto the transfer paper it is ready to be transferred onto another object.


  • Always read the instructions contained on the transfer paper box for suggested use and image transfer direction.

    Some transfer paper is specifically made to work better with either an ink jet or a laser printer. It is advisable to purchase the type that is best suited for your printer.


  • Be careful not to touch the ink on a freshly printed image because it may smear.


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