How to Print Homemade Cards

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In an increasingly virtual age, sending and receiving homemade cards and gifts is unusual. This only serves, however, to make it even more special. Using no more than your creativity, basic computer skills and a few simple craft materials, it is possible to make beautiful, professional-looking greetings cards personally tailored to your nearest and dearest. Gone are the days when you had to search far and wide for the right card. Simply make it from scratch.

A homemade card will be the highlight of any mantelpiece.
christmas cards image by david hughes from

Things You'll Need

  • Craft Supplies (Glue, Glitter, Coloring Pens Etc.)
  • Printer
  • Thick Paper/Thin Card (White)
  • Large Envelope
  • Computer

Open Microsoft Word, and start a new document. Change the page orientation to landscape. This will be the inside of the card.

Insert a text box on the right-hand side of the page and type your message. Cursive fonts add a touch of class. Remember, though, to leave your name out for now. You will sign the card by hand later.

Save your work, then open another new document (also landscape). This is the outside of the card. The right-hand side of the page will be the front cover of the card, while the left will be the back.

Insert a picture. Place it in the middle of the right half of the page. Because it is a homemade card, the picture can be as personal as you like--pick a favorite photograph of yourself with the recipient, or something that reflects his or her individual hobbies.

Using another text box, create a “headline” for your card. Tailor it to the occasion, and mention the recipient’s name. It doesn’t need to be clever; “Merry Christmas Joanne!” is perfectly suitable. At the bottom of the left-hand side, insert another text box and type “card designed by.” You will hand sign here later.

Print a practice copy in black and white on cheap, thin paper. You will need to print the outside, then put the paper back in the printer and print the inside. Fold it, and check that everything is positioned correctly. If not, move things around on the computer and try again. Don’t move on until you have a perfect practice copy.

Print in color on the good paper. Sign your name inside, and on the back under “card designed by”. You can now decorate the card if you wish with glitter, glue and your other craft supplies. You could even decorate the envelope a little if you like.


  • Instead of one big photo on the front cover you could make a collage of lots of photos to jog the memories.