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How to Press a Carnation Flower Into a Book

Things You'll Need:

  • Heavy book (such as a dictionary)
  • Carnation

Carnations have been symbols of love and affection for centuries. They were known as "Jove's flowers" in ancient Rome. Since flowers are organic, however, they die and wither away.

Pressing them into a book can be a way to preserve a carnation for you or someone else. You don't need to buy anything new to do it, either; it can be done with heavy books that you already own.


Take the carnation that you want to press. Lay it out on a flat surface so that the petals are folded outward, not inward. In other words, allow the inside of the flower to be visible, as that is the most colorful section of the flower.

Open a heavy book, such as a dictionary or other reference book. Make sure the book is opened to the last quarter of the book. This is so that most of the weight will be pressing down on the flower.

Place the carnation in the book. Make sure it is in the same position in which you would like it to be pressed.

Slowly close the book, making sure the flower does not fold inward in a way that would harm the quality of the pressing.

Wait 24 hours. The following day, open the book and take out the flower. You will then have a pressed carnation that is ready to give away or keep for yourself.


Refrigerate the carnation while you prepare your flower-pressing book. This will preserve the flower temporarily.


  • Before giving the flower to someone, make sure she is not allergic to pollen. The pollen residue in pressed carnations can cause an allergic reaction.
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