How to Pose for the Camera

Things You'll Need

  • Mirror
  • Digital camera

We all want to look the best we possibly can in photos. Some people just tend to take better photos than others, but there are specific things you can do to take more flattering photos. Here are some basic tips.

Assess your angles. Sit in front of a mirror and observe your face from various angles. You can also have a friend take photos of you from different angles, using a digital camera. You can then assess the various photos and see which angles look best on you. Work those angles when posing for photos.

Maintain proper posture. Slouched or hunched shoulders look awful in photos. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders back when posing for the camera.

Turn your body at a three-quarters angle to the camera. One shoulder will be angled toward the camera. Bring one leg slightly in front of the other and shift your weight to your back leg. This pose is a slimming posture which is flattering for most people.

Lift your chin slightly. This will help remove the appearance of a double chin. Also, ask the photographer to position the camera slightly above you. Photos taken from below eye level tend to make subjects look like they have double chins.

Push your neck forward. While this may feel unnatural, it tends to look good on camera. The forward neck extension helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enhance facial bone structure.

Think specific, pleasant thoughts while posing for the camera. This will help to convey happiness through your eyes and not just your smile.

Relax and have fun. The best photos will be those in which you look relaxed, happy and comfortable. If you feel awkward or uneasy, it will read on camera.


  • Talk to the photographer beforehand about any worries you have. He may be able to give you tips that will help with the shoot.


  • Avoid holding poses for too long. If you do, the poses will likely look forced and unnatural. Instead, take a break every minute or so to relax your face and body.