How to Play PS3 on a Laptop Screen

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Things You'll Need

  • Laptop video input adapter
  • PS3 component cable

The Sony PlayStation 3, a home video-game system that was released in 2005, uses either an Hdmi or component cable to output its video to a monitor. Because the PS3 still can utilize the component cable, you can connect it to your laptop via a video input adapter. This is very useful when you run out of monitors to play your PS3 on.

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Connect your video input card into your laptop's PCI-express or USB port. This depends on what type of adapter you are using. Wait as the computer installs the appropriate drivers for your new adapters.

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Locate your PS3 close to your laptop, as the PS3's component cable is only a few feet long. Connect the PS3's component cables into the adapter you just installed.

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Hold the power button on the PS3 while it is off for five seconds. This will reset the PS3's video-out capabilities and recognize the new input into the laptop. This means it will change the output resolution to better fit your laptop's screen.

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Wait as the PS3 boots up. Your adapter should automatically switch to the video input, but if it does not, there will be a switch on the adapter to change to the PS3 input.


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