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How to Play PS2 on HD TV

The composite audio/video cables that shipped with the PlayStation 2 are only capable of transmitting a 480i signal. Many HDTVs have issues with processing 480i signals. Some high-definition sets exhibit blurry pictures or signal processing delays that can detract from your gaming experience. To display high-definition images from your PS2 on your HDTV, you will need to purchase and install component video or HDMI cables.

Power off your PlayStation 2 console.

Turn the PS2 around and locate the "AV MULTI OUT" port on the back. It can be found under the power cable port.

Remove the old A/V cable and plug in the component video cable.

Locate the component video ports on your HDTV. Most HDTVs have these ports on the back, but some models have additional ports on the side.

Unplug the old composite cables.

Plug the component video cables into the HDTV's component video input. The cables are color-coded to match the colors on the input jacks, which include red, green and blue ports. Make sure you plug the correct cable into the colored ports.

Plug in the audio cables. The cables are stereo and color-coded red and white.


The same cables described in this article work for both the PS2 and the PS3.


  • Some HDTVs have multiple component video inputs, with the audio inputs located elsewhere on the panel. The ports will be numbered. Make sure you plug the audio cables into the audio input jacks that match the video cables.
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