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How to Play M4V on a PS3

The PS3 can function as a gaming device and a media player.
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The PS3 is a versatile and powerful system, capable of playing high-definition video games and Blu-ray disks at resolutions up to 1,080p. The PS3 is also compatible with many movie and audio formats, like MP3s, WMVs, MP4s and M4Vs. You can easily transfer and play an M4V on your PS3 if you have a storage device available. Of course, if you have M4V files that are protected by Digital Rights Management, they won't play on the PS3 since the point of DRM protection is to keep files from being copied and replayed indefinitely.

Transferring the Files

Connect your USB storage device to your computer.

Click the "Start" button and select "Computer."

Double-click the USB flash drive to open it.

Locate the M4V file or files you want to watch on your PS3.

Drag and drop the M4V file or files into the drive window. You can select multiple files to drag in at once by holding the "Control" key while you click on them.

Remove the flash drive after the transfer is complete.

Playing the Files

Turn on your PS3.

Log in to your account and insert the USB drive into the console.

Navigate to the "Videos" section and select the USB device, which is at the top of the videos list.

Press the green triangle button to display all options for the device.

Select "Display All."

Select the M4V file to start playback.


You can also copy the file or files onto your PS3 if you want to have them on its hard drive. You can copy a single file by highlighting it on the PS3 and pressing the green triangle button and then selecting "Copy." If you want to copy multiple files, highlight any of them and press the green triangle button. Then, you can select "Copy Multiple," select the ones you want, and click "OK."

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