How to Play Chinese Jump Rope

How to Play Chinese Jump Rope. Chinese Jump Rope is a children's game that has spread to worldwide popularity. It helps keep kids active and teaches physical dexterity. More advanced than traditional jump rope, the game uses a loop of elastic rope and requires two holders plus one jumper.

How to Play Chinese Jump Rope

Select two rope holders and one player to begin. Holders stand facing each other with the loop of elastic rope around their ankles, at enough distance to pull the rope taut.

Demonstrate the jumps to any new players. "In" means both feet inside the rope. "Out" means both feet outside the rope, one on either side. "Side" means both feet outside the rope on the same side, usually followed by a jump to the opposite side. "On" means one foot on top of each side of the rope, pressing them to the ground.

Chant the steps in order as the player jumps them: In, out, side, side, on, in and out. For more advanced play, have one of the holders chant a random series that the player must follow.

Jump through the whole series of chants without missing and move up to the next level, with more advanced jumps or the ropes spread farther apart. Step on the rope at the wrong time or jump in the wrong place and you must sit out a turn in the player rotation.


Play Chinese Jump Rope indoors or outdoors. It's great for a rainy day. Hold a tournament over the course of one afternoon or several days. Make your own Chinese jump rope by purchasing elasticized rope and cutting it to the appropriate length (see Resources below).


Turned ankles or skinned knees may result.

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