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How to Play Boggle Jr

Boggle Jr. is a game for preschool-age children.
little preschooler image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.com

Boggle Jr. is for preschool children who are just learning to read and spell. The game comes with a set of three- and four-letter cards with pictures of well-known animals and objects. It also comes with a set of cubes with different letters on them and a game tray for game play. Children practice their spelling and memory skills with this game. It can be played with one or two players.

Match It-Spell It

Position the word cards so they're face up, facing in the same direction. Stack as many cards as you want behind the front card in the same manner. Be sure the word cover isn't covering the words and is flipped down.

Point to the picture on the card and then ask the player what the picture is. For example, if the picture is a cat then point to the cat, then point to the letters underneath the cat. Say "Cat" out loud when pointing to the letters and spell it out: "C-A-T" while pointing to each letter.

Point to the first letter and ask the child to find that letter in the cubes. In this case, the child needs to find the letter "C."

Instruct the child to place each letter in the cube slot directly under each letter of the card. So, the child should place the "C", "A", and "T" cubes under the letters under the cards.

Spell the word once again with the child, give the card to the child and move on to the next word.

Cover It

Place the word cards just as you did in the first game. Have the child glance at the word quickly and then flip the word cover up so the word is hidden and all you see is the picture.

Say the word out loud and spell it if necessary, then have the child find the letters that belong with the word. For example, if the word was "Dog," just show the picture of the dog and say "Dog" out loud. The child will then look for the letters "D," "O" and "G." Have the child place those letters in the correct order in the cube squares, under the picture.

Flip the cover back down and check the child's work. If she got the letters correct, then she gets the card--if she didn't, then move on to the next card.


  • Start with three-letter words, then move onto the four-letter words.

    Play these games with two players by having them take turns with different cards. If one player gets it right, he gets to keep the card but if he doesn't, the card goes to the bottom of the rest of the cards for the next turn. Alternate players throughout the game.

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