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How to Play AVI Movies on Your PS3

In addition to its gaming features, the PlayStation 3 is a comprehensive media player that supports many common and uncommon video formats. AVI, short for Audio Video Interleave, is a video format generally used by DVDs and VideoCDs. You can play AVI files out-of-the-box on the PS3, with no additional PlayStation updates or software. Control AVI video playback using the PS3 controller; load AVI videos from the PS3's hard drive or a USB flash drive.

Turn the PS3 on. If the AVI you want to play is stored on a USB flash drive, connect the flash drive to either of the USB ports on the front of the PS3.

Scroll to the "Video" icon on the PS3 main menu, referred to as the XMB. A thumbnail list of all the videos on the PS3's hard drive is displayed.


Select the AVI video you want to play and press the "X" button. Press the "R2" and "L2" buttons to rewind and fast forward, respectively. Press the "Square" button to return to the XMB and press the "Pause" button to pause playback.

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